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Financial Analyst 

Duties: Work with commercial clients to arrange project financing with lenders. Analyze financial statements, including balance sheets and income statements. Perform financial and economic analysis for various types of intercompany transactions, involving services, intangible and tangible goods. Create financial models to evaluate potential investment opportunities. Conduct in-depth analysis of clients loan request and financial standing. Calculate financial ratios, such as Debt Service Coverage. Collect and analyze all documents relevant to projects, including property purchases, plans, construction bids, bank statements, loan statements, credit reports, etc. Create business plans, projections, and loan summaries. Analyze market trends, regulations, and loan requirements. Work with lenders and underwriters to provide additional information requested. Perform monthly billing analysis and prepared invoices for various clients. Draft industry and functional analysis to prepare documentation report for IRS compliance. Perform searches on LexisNexis, Factiva, and IBIS World to research companies and industries.

Requires: Master’s in Business Administration, Finance, Economics or related and 12 months related financial and/or compliance experience. 


Work Location: Enterprise America, 12222 Merit Dr., Ste 1870, Dallas TX 75251.


A full-time position.


To apply: Mail Resume to HR, Enterprise America, 12222 Merit Dr., Ste 1870, Dallas TX 75251.

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